From our training sessions it has become evident that there is a growing need for acquiring better writing skills. Tendering is for the main part simply the art of selling on paper. This means it is crucial have good writing skills and the ability to strategically formulate a text. Despite the seeming ease of doing so, our clients mention that they lose tenders too frequently.

Writing razor-sharp texts is as much an art as it is trainable. During the training you learn how to structure a text and how to write according to a SMART methodology. We also bring along cases, which not only allows you to develop your writing abilities, but also provides the opportunity to review existing texts.

About the trainers

Ernst has over 20 years of experience as a tender consultant, during which he trained more than a 100 accountmanagers. Thanks to his academic change management background he has been involved with dozens of change projects as well.  

Ingrid has successfully managed numerous tender projects over the last four years. She taught writing classes to students at the university of Groningen, before dedicating herself entirely to her work at Tenderbirds.

Jelle has specialized himself in knowledge retainment and knowledge transaction within organizations. As a historian he successfully applied historical methodology in a wide-array of organizations.

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