During the training sessions we direct our attention to the internal as well as the external tender processes. With over 20 years of experience, Ernst Wallinga masters the art of tendering like no other. He will gladly share this knowledge by providing support alongside every tender project imaginable.

Even though the content of each tender is different, active involvement within and between organizational departments is important to all of them. Furthermore, the opportunities and risks have to be rigorously analyzed in order to ensure sound decision-making.

Learning goals of the tendermanagement training:

  • The tender process, internal and external
  • How to develop EMVI-plans
  • Scope and risk analysis in the tender phase
  • Collaboration with other departments

"Tenderbirds provides solutions"

About the trainers

Ernst has over 20 years of experience as a tender consultant, during which he trained more than a 100 accountmanagers. Thanks to his academic change management background he has been involved with dozens of change projects as well.  

Ingrid has successfully managed numerous tender projects over the last four years. She taught writing classes to students at the university of Groningen, before dedicating herself entirely to her work at Tenderbirds.

Jelle has specialized himself in knowledge retainment and knowledge transaction within organizations. As a historian he successfully applied historical methodology in a wide-array of organizations.

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