Large tenders

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

One of our clients used to say: “when the tender document lands on your desk like a gift, something went horribly wrong”. The preparation begins even before the tender is officially published.  

Developing a bid-offer is never easy. Your organization is confronted with complex regulation which requires highly specified legal knowledge. Furthermore, it is wisely to investigate how the market is organized and which forces are at play with the specific tender you’re interested in.

Tenderbirds has extensive experience with developing bid-offers for a wide-array of organizations. Our consultants are highly familiarized with the market, possess comprehensive tender knowledge and have years of experience with organizational advice. They will support you the whole way through, from the first assessment until the tender is finalized.

What we offer:

  • A professional tender manager supports you throughout the entire process
  • Providing you with innovative solutions
  • Unburdening of your organization
  • Direct contact with a highly involved team
  • Cost savings and other efficiency advantages

"Tenderbirds provides solutions"

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