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What are CPV codes?

The common procurement vocabulary (CPV) is a list of terms authored by the EU, which assigns codes to every kind of government contract for delivery of goods and services. When the buyer publishes a European tender, he is required to follow this classification system. In 2018 the CPV codes have been altered.

 What are the principles of the tender legislation?

Three principles govern the entire tender process. When conflict arises, the buyer will be tested on how well they were able to follow these principles.

The equality principle, which requires the buyer to treat every applicant to the tender in an equal manner.

The transparency principle, which requires the entire tender procedure to be transparent.

The objectivity principle, which requires the buyer to be objective and subject to checks.

What is an ESPD / UEA?

The Uniform European Single Procurement Document (UEA in dutch) is a form provided by the European union. In the Netherlands the use this form is required for tenders both above and below the European tender threshold.

The ESPD provides an ‘Eigen verklaring’ on the financial circumstances and competences of organizations to determine their fitness for the tender process. Those that put out an offer do not have to provide the evidence at the moment of handing in the offer, which relaxes the administrative weight.

 Are there any tender quality labels?

Yes, buyers may require certain specific quality labels when they buy services or goods with specific environmental, social or other characteristics. The requirement may be embedded in the technical specifications of the assignment, the award criteria or the terms and conditions of the contract.

Where to find tender publications?

You can find international (European) tenders via: TED (Tenders Electronic Daily)

Every dutch tender can be found via: Tenderned. Apart from Tenderned there are various commercial platforms, like Negometrix, Aanbestedingskalender en Commerce-hub. However, buyers are required to publish their tender on Tenderned first.

Why tendering?

Tendering is the best way of finding a supplier. By competitive tendering, buyers optimize their chances of getting the best price-quality ratio. It is also the most transparent way of matching supply and demand.

Who is required to tender?

The European legislation states which governmental bodies are required to tender. These consist of:

  • The State and all of its territorial bodies, such as municipalities and provinces.
  • Public institutions and unions shaped by one or more of these bodies, such as academic hospitals and universities.
  • The utilities sector (such as electricity and water)

How to fill out an ESPD / UEA? 

  • In order to fill in and generate an UEA, companies use the UEA-module on Tenderned, the interactive pdf-form and the European tool.

    UEA-module Tenderned
    The ESPD-tool of the European Commission is accessible through the dashboard of tenderned. This results in an XML- and PDF-file of the UEA, which the buying party includes in the tender documents. The bidding party subsequently fills in this document via the UEA-module on Tenderned and includes the document in their final application. The appearance, content and functionality are similar to the tool of the European Commission. How can I create an UEA and add it to my bid offer? 

    Interactive pdf-form
    The ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate has itself created an interactive pdf-form, next to the UEA-tool of the European commission.

    More information: Interactive pdf UEA and explanation of use.

    ESPD-tool of the European commission
    The European Commission offers an online tool for generating the UEA. The tool appeals to the selection criteria (Part IV), which expands on the Aanbestedingswet 2012. More information: ESPD-tool and overview of tips for use.


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